QUEENSRYCHE & ARMORED SAINT: A Queen & a Saint conquer New Jersey

May 01, 2024

Queensryche & support act Armored Saint performed to what both John Bush & Todd LaTorre verbalized as a high-energy & passionate audience, something that’s come to be expected in the NJ/ NY area. The Bands thrived off of the momentum, with both Singers bringing their “A game”.


 In the case of John Bush it was a bit of a redemption performance, as he boldly called himself out for not being able to sing on the last go around in NJ (W.A.S.P. tour), so tonight he was fueled to deliver (and very much did!). Pointing out that the Band first played in NJ in 1984 support Quiet Riot at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, the Band’s rich history in NJ was on their minds, & a great way to show appreciation to the fans for 40 years of support!

Touring the US in support of the 2024 “Origins” Tour, playing the “EP” &" The Warning" in their entirety & in the proper album order, this was a look-back at the roots of the Band. A special performance it was, complete with an abundance of dry ice, smoke, green lighting & lasers so reminiscent of that era, the Band focused on the importance of playing each of the tracks with precision. Each of the Players were masterful in their individual roles, the Songs were tight, & the visual aids just added to the full appreciation of this period of the Band.


MMROC CD Reviewer Vince McDowell, MMROC Listener George Herman & MMROC Co Host Metal Walt




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