Sep 18, 2023

 DANKO JONES - Electric Sounds

"Guess Who's Back, ME MOTHERFUCKER!" proclaims the Canadian Power trio lead of Danko Jones with their eleventh studio release Electric Sounds. The 36-minute slab of Hard-Rocking riffs will be released on September 15, 2023, via AFM Records. Eric Ratz is credited for producing Electric Sounds.


Formed in Toronto in 1996, Danko Jones has seen and done just about everything over the last quarter of a century. Powered by a DIY punk rock spirit, and inspired by the good, great, and grotesque of electrified rock ‘n’ roll, they have steadily built a colossal international fan base and become one of the most acclaimed live bands around. The band consists of founding members Danko (singer/guitar) and John Calabrese (bass). Current drummer Rich Knox has been with the trio since 2013 who first appeared on Fire Music in 2015. Six other drummers have come and gone from 1996 to 2013.

Danko and company spent the first couple of years as on the road opening for artists such as The New Bomb Turks, Nashville Pussy, Blonde Redhead, The Make-Up, and The Demolition Doll Rods. Danko Jones, the band's first EP was released in 1998. Their first full-length album, Born A Lion was released in 2002. Ever since then, Danko Jones has released an album every two years including this reviewer's all-time favorite album, Below the Belt in 2010.

Electric Sounds

Fans familiar with Danko Jones already know what to expect from the Canadian power trio, hard-hitting riffs, Hard-Rock anthems, and balls-out Rock'N'Roll. Musically speaking for fans not familiar with Danko Jones, the songs are AC/DC meets Motorhead with a splash of Punk intertwined into the music. A mix of midtempo and up-tempo power chords with just a touch of melody making the songs easy to follow along with. The songs are catchy yet anthemic at the same time.

Lyrically speaking, the band sings about having a good time ("Good Time" & "Get High"), kicking your ass ("What Goes Around", "Eye for an Eye",  & "Shake Your City"), and pretty girls ("She's My Baby"). Guest spots from Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies) on She’s My Baby, Damian Abraham (Fucked Up) on Get High? and guitarist Daniel Dekay (from Canadian thrash legends Exciter).

Electric Sounds opens with "Guess Who's Back", a midtempo bravado driven with the in-your-face attitude that has been consistently delivered by Danko and Company over the last 21 years and is the intro to this review. Danko keeps the party rolling with "Good Time" infusing more melody into the Hard Rock riffs but doesn't get soft. The party is also going with the 420-friendly song "Get High". "Shake Your City" and "What Come Around" infused punk elements into their brand of uptempo Hard Rock and bravado vocal delivery.

Final Thoughts

Electric Sounds does not stray from the Hard Rocking formula Danko Jones and Company has forged over the 10 albums. If you are looking for shredding guitars with blazing solos, you will not find it here. Danko's playing is built on power chords and solos over a narrow range of scales but it works for this band. Production is tight and mostly in balance with all three musicians. Calabrese's bass is solid, pumping, and thumping on the mid-tempo tracks yet fluid on the faster tracks. Knox brings the good on drums with a little cowbell in the song "I Like It".

Some listeners may find some of the songs to be repetitive. "Guess Who's Back & "I Like It" almost share the exact same opening riff but the transition to the bridge and chorus take different paths to give the songs their own feel. Overall, Electric Sounds is a solid release, yet not straying too far into the unknown for Danko Jones.



  1. Guess Who's Back
  2. Good Time
  3. Electric Sounds
  4. Get High?
  5. Stiff Competition
  6. She's My Baby
  7. Eye for an Eye
  8. I Like It
  9. Let's Make Out
  10. What Goes Around
  11. Shake Your City

Album Lineup

Danko Jones - Vocals/Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Rich Knox - Drums

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Score - 7.3 out of 10

Label: AFM Records
Release date: September 15, 2023


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