Metal Mayhem ROC...On The Road with VIXEN

Apr 02, 2023


Del Lago Resort and Casino

Waterloo, NY

April 1, 2023

Through my 43 years of going to concerts and seeing bands live, it's not too often that I, one, see a band from the 80's for the first time, and two, walk away from a performance realizing that I've been missing out on something great all these years.

Well, that is what EXACTLY happened this weekend .

I was treated to one hell of a high energy, fully entertaining 45-minute set from VIXEN.

Vixen is an American rock band and part of the Los Angeles, California, glam metal scene of the 80's.

Their eponymous first album was released in 1988, Rev It Up in 1990, Tangerine in 1998 and Live & Learn in 2006.

During VIXEN’S  most commercially successful period from 1987 to 1992, Several singles released by the band reached the Billboard Hot 100,"Edge of a Broken Heart" at No. 26, and "Cryin'" at No. 22.

This 2023 version of the band only has one original member from those 80's recording lineup in drummer Roxy Petrucci, but the new members hold up their end and make this lineup strong as ever.


Lorraine Lewis – Lead vocals (2019–present). Lewis is also known for being the lead singer of 80's glam band Femme Fatale.


Britt Lightning – Guitar, backing vocals (2017–present) In addition to Vixen, Lightning has performed with Jaded, an all-female hard rock based in Boston as well as Paradise Kitty, a female Guns N' Roses cover band as the SLASH Persona.


Julia Lage – Bass, backing vocals (2022–present) Julia is a Brazilian bass player, singer songwriter. Inspired by bands like, Rush, Aerosmith and Guns N Roses. Her fondness for early RUSH was exemplified with an impromptu jam of " WHAT YOUR DOING/ WAR PIGS " 60 sec medley during soundcheck.

Tyson Leslie – keyboards, backing and lead vocals (2017–present) Multi-instrumentalist, Songwriter, Performer.

The set went by quickly and concentrated on cuts from their first three CDs.The band opened with the title track REV IT UP from their second CD. The opening drums by Roxy set the tone early. Big sound guitar with back ground chant along chorus's got the crowd engaged early and often.

Britt 's guitar was front and center with Tysons keys driving the band along. What is so apparent from the start is Lorraine Lewis's presence as a very engaging front woman. Headbanging, smiling and sincerely into the moment.

The band quickly dug into Lewis’s Femme Fatale's catalog with a rendition of Waiting for the Big One. This track fit nicely into this set. Britt crushed the solo.


More Rev it up material followed with the slower, but heavier, How Much Love cut. Bassist Julia Lage held down the low end well and killed it with killer backing vocals. Great stage presence by all of these ladies. Totally had the crowd in their hands.


Then came the first of VIXENS'S mega hit's from the 80's and Cruisin'. This chart topper had the crowd singing along and air singing with Lewis.  Lewis delivered this song with power that matched the original studio version.

The band then pivoted into a jam medley of some classic VAN HALEN, WHITESNAKE, BLACK SABBATH tease. This band killed it. sounded great. They were having fun and it radiated to the crowd. Tons of interaction with Julia Lage on Bass and Britt Lightning on guitar. Roxy Petrucci on the drums destroyed the SABBATH. Bill Ward would be proud.



The quick set closed with more cuts from the debut with HELL RAISERS and the mega hit EDGE OF A BROKEN HEART. Lewis was front and center, sitting down at the front of the stage, high fiving fans and totally posing for selfies and interacting with the audience. Totally enjoying herself and just doing a fantastic job on these vocals.

Like I mentioned at the start of this review, this was my first-time seeing VIXEN and it was great. The only complaint I have is that the set was too short. 45 minutes zipped by in a flash.

I’ll be looking out for them again and will not wait as long to see my second show.

A big Thank you to Tyson Leslie for inviting us to sound check. 

Check out all his platforms .



Rev It Up

Waiting for the Big One

(Femme Fatale cover)

How Much Love




Hell Raisers

Edge of a Broken Heart



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