Metal Mayhem ROC...On The Road with KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD

Apr 08, 2023

Kenny Wayne Shepherd: Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ, 30 Mar 2023

Out on the road promoting the 25th anniversary of the platinum album “Trouble Is”, it’s hard to grasp that Kenny Wayne Shepherd is only 45 years old, a career he started at age 18. This is the album that put the artist and band into the mainstream spotlight & his most popular album of his full body of work, thus only fitting that it is celebrated.

What makes the KWS band so dynamic in concert is the dedication of band members such as Vocalist Noah Hunt, who has been Kenny’s sidekick since the early years, as well as veteran Drummer Chris Layton of Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble fame. These musicians, in addition to the rest of the touring band, are world class performers who really elevate the band.

Anyone who has seen the KWS band live knows the band can tear it up, however this tour is unique, in that the full “Trouble Is” album was performed in full, with a storytellers element included in between tracks, something that added so much color to bring each of the songs to life.


What was a touching moment in the show, and a true testament to the humble & generous person Kenny is, was when he informed the crowd that all proceeds from the iconic track, “Blue On Black”, are donated to American Veterans, First Responders & their families. This gesture was met with a standing ovation & heavy applause.


The encore of the concert was a lengthy set of blues injected rock and roll, with the band pulling select songs from its catalog outside of “Trouble Is”. What made this part of the show so different, was witnessing them really open up the songs to include some amazing improvisational extended jams, and solos.

Two hours of quality music played by best in class musicians, need I say more?

  • Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
  • Everything Is Broken
  • Chase the Rainbow
  • I Found Love (When I Found You)
  • Nothing To Do With Love
  • Kings Highway
  • True Lies
  • (Long) Gone
  • I Don't Live Today
  • Blue On Black
  • Slow Ride


  • Woman Like You
  • I Want You
  • Diamonds & Gold
  • Heat Of The Sun
  • You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now


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