Metal Mayhem ROC..... On The Road with DEEP PURPLE.

Feb 14, 2023
Metal Mayhem ROC
Metal Mayhem ROC..... On The Road with DEEP PURPLE.

Deep Purple

 State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

11 Feb 2023

Centered around the Rock Legends Cruise, Deep Purple booked a handful of US shows to kick off what will be a typical year of the band playing all over the world. Those located in the NJ/ NY area were fortunate to catch them in a near sold out theater show on a Saturday night in Jersey, the first time the band has hit this area of the country since their 2018 summer  shed tour.  

The band, out of the road supporting the pandemic era albums Whoosh! & Turning To Crime, are also showcasing new Guitarist Simon McBride who was named an official band member in late 2022. From Ireland, he brings a wealth of international experience to the band, despite being 30 years younger than the other members. Simon, who has history with this camp having played in the Don Airey Band, brought a hard & heavy edge to the songs, and has blended into the vibe of Deep Purple perfectly. He played with energy, enthusiasm and was shredding all night!

The amazing thing about this band, as the continue to tour in now their seventh decade, is that each member has the ability to showcase their experience & talents, so the band as a whole can remain at the top of its game despite the members being well into their 70s! The spotlight, of course is always on the Vocalist, yet Ian Gillan remains on top of his game & a true professional in his singing ability. 

 The 95-minute show contained the best of the bands’ most well-known songs (Highway Star, Lazy, Perfect Strangers, Smoke On The Water) however Deep Purple also keeps the setlist fresh by highlighting newer material & deep tracks as well (No Need To Shout, Nothing At All, When A Blind Man Cries, Anya). In addition, what makes this band unique and refreshing is when they open the songs up, leading to some great improv jamming & the expanding of certain songs which really highlight the abilities of the members (Uncommon Man, Hush & Black Night really come alive in a concert setting!). And let’s not forget the absolutely awe-inspiring playing of the legendary Organist Don Airey, simply amazing at his craft.

Post show in the rear of the venue, the band were true gentleman to the fans, snapping selfies and signing band LPs & CDs. In my brief exchange of words with Ian Paice, he commented how the band plans to play as many more years as they can AND that the writing of a new studio album will also begin in 2023!

  Ian Paice & Metal Walt                                       Roger Glover & Metal Walt   

                Simon McBride & Metal Walt


Oh and BTW-It was awesome bumping into Kenney " Man On The Street" Kessel from our Canadian friends "The Metal Voice". 




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