Check Out New Metal Supergroup Category 7 Featuring Members From Anthrax, Armored Saint, Adrenaline Mob, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, And Shadows Fall

May 02, 2024

 Metal Blade Records is pleased to welcome CATEGORY 7, the new band featuring vocalist John Bush, guitarists Phil Demmel and Mike Orlando, bassist Jack Gibson, and drummer Jason Bittner, to its legendary roster!

With veteran musicians from such legendary acts as Anthrax, Armored Saint, Adrenaline Mob, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, and Shadows Fall, it’s hard not to think of CATEGORY 7 as a supergroup. The origins of the band began with discussions between Demmel and Orlando of their mutual desire to form a twin lead guitar hard rock unit harkening back to bands of the ’70s such as Thin Lizzy. Bittner was next to join the conversation followed by Gibson. After composing some early music, it was obvious that the only vocalist that would fit the concept would be Bush.

Notes Bush, “Mike Orlando’s and Phil Demmel’s awesome riffs made writing lyrics over the music a piece of cake. The rhythm tandem of Bittner and Gibson rounded out the sound and the connection felt like it was put together in the stars. Obviously, everyone being a veteran of the metal scene made it that much easier.”

“It’s all about big verses and big songs, and it has a lot of the elements we’ve explored in our other bands,” explains guitarist and main songwriter Mike Orlando.

Take lead single, the upbeat album opener, “In Stitches,” which commences with piledriving double-bass drums, a feral thrash passage, and a fiery lead before toning down just enough for the distinctive vocals to stand out.
“It gets heavy, it’s thrashy at times, but it opens up in the verses, and then the double-bass drums come in and knock you off your chair, but in a great way,” Orlando says.

Bush further elaborates, “I read an article on an unhoused pregnant woman named Stitches who resided in Los Angeles obviously living a very difficult life that was compounded by mental illness and drug abuse. The encampment situation in my beloved city drives me bats. I balance between serious empathy and complete anger. The combination of imagining her life as well as my own internal turmoil led me to an almost humorous insanity state while writing this scathing album opener.”

Based on Demmel’s and Bush’s long-term relationships with Metal Blade Records, it seemed to be the perfect home for the band. The label agreed and a union was quickly forged.

Comments Metal Blade Records’ founder Brian Slagel of the signing, “Happy to welcome CATEGORY 7 into the Metal Blade family. Of course, some of them are already in! Seriously love working with this crew and it’s great stuff!“

As crushing and confrontational as an armed rebellion and as fiercely melodic as infectious riffs and aggressive vocals can be, CATEGORY 7 is a new breed of hard rock that lives up to the storied histories of its members. CATEGORY 7‘s debut will see release this Summer with their first single available now for streaming and viewing. Stand by for details! preorders at:

  Watch CATEGORY 7’s video for “In Stitches” at THIS LOCATION.


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