Metal Mayhem ROC...On The Road with NASTY SAVAGE

Mar 29, 2023

Friday March 24,2023
Orlando Florida

I found out about the Nasty Savage show purely by chance.  I thank the metal gods that I did.

Anvil is playing April 22nd  at this new club called CONDUIT , so  out of curiosity  I searched out direction's for this "NEW" venue. What a surprise as I was informed that this new venue was  The Old Haven,  a club where I have seen Venom Inc. and Flotsam & Jetsam in the past.
When the Conduit Homepage came up right there front and center was the Nasty Savage show promo. I felt like I had just won the Metal POWERBALL!!!!

Nasty Savage is an American thrash metal band from Brandon, Florida, formed in 1983 by vocalist "Nasty" Ronnie Galletti. The band has undergone various lineup changes, with Galletti. The band is tight and anchored by veteran drummer Jim Coker, Dave Orman and Pete Sykes handle the guitar shredding and Bassist Scott Carron solidifies the low end.  

 The group is still functioning, and delivering mayhem to ecstatic fans. Despite some breaks in their activities, the stop is very unlikely. This was one of my Bucket List Bands that I've never had the chance to see before. My heavy metal co-pilot and Metal Mayhem ROC correspondent Bill the Rager and I set off for the Conduit.

I've seen a few shows at the Old Haven and the setup inside was not the best. New club owner and promoter Pete Olen remodeled the inside and got it right. The Conduit is set up perfectly for bands. Pete also has plans to raise the ceiling and stage in the near future.

The house lights go down and the band opens the show with a fan favorite "No Sympathy”. Having never seen Nasty Savage before my adrenaline level was high and they did not disappoint. Quickly scanning the stage, I can see the TVs on the drum riser that Ronnie will start killing during the show. 

After ripping through Unchained Angel, Dark Desires and Asmodeus, Ronnie's attention slowly starts shifting towards the two TVs on the drum riser. This is where the show got really interesting and it became a show within a show. Ronnie was holding court over the crowd and spreading the word about heavy metal. As Ronnie said before playing "The Morgue", you should make that call to that certain someone before you don't have that chance anymore.

The crowd was engaged with the band as was Ronnie. Wrapping the chain, he uses on the TVs around the necks of the two 18-year-old fans who made the journey from Jacksonville. These fans are the future of metal. They sang the words to every song except for the new Nasty Savage instrumental song. I like the fact that there were no drum or guitar solos but rather a band solo. A 5-minute blast wave that will melt your face.

Ronnie used his solo time to kick the shit out of a couple of Samsungs. Nasty Ronnie Galletti was a semi pro wrestler and incorporated those talents into the show with the TV’s, chain and theatrics as his instrument.

I always appreciate when I can get an album or CD signed for me. Ronnie did one better for the front row crowd. He presented a few people with a bloody handprint on a band photo and setlist and also bloodied broken pieces of the TV he smashed on his head. I have my pieces displayed proudly in my studio. Thanks Ronnie!!

Unfortunately, Nasty Savage doesn't play as many live shows as they once did so if you happen to see that they are playing live somewhere remotely close to you, get your asses to the show and experience the passion for heavy metal that drives Nasty Savage and the Legendary Ronnie Galletti.


Keep It Heavy Rivet Heads!!!

Southern Cal & BILL THE RAGER.

No Sympathy
Metal Knights
Witches Sabbath
Savage Desire
The Morgue
Unchained Angel
The Sixth Finger
You Snooze, You Lose


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