Catching up with Second Shooter's Melanie Johnson and Travis Hildreth on 'Fury Made Flesh' and the Unhealthy Mechanism Tour"

Mar 21, 2024

On this episode we honor WOMENS HISTORY MONTH with profile of up-and-coming extreme metal band SECOND SHOOTER. This female fronted heavy metal band from Los Angeles possess no gimmicks, no B.S., just unpretentious, uncompromising metal that seamlessly melds the most enthralling aspects of multiple subgenres including death, groove, and thrash metal into an unstoppable cathartic force.

Show Host Jon "The Vernomatic" Verno presents an exclusive glimpse into the lives and minds of vocalist Melanie Johnson and guitarist Travis Hildreth as they open up about their journey in Second Shooter. Hear firsthand stories, anecdotes, and insights from the band members themselves.
Melanie and Travis Hildreth Break Down Second Shooter's 'Unhealthy Mechanism' Tour Experience as they toured the southwest U.S. with Go Ahead and Die (Max and Igor Amadeus Cavalera) and Bodybox as the January 2024 tour coincided with the release of their full-length CD Fury Made Flesh, a Must-Listen Album for Extreme Metal Fans.




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